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Needing the best professional negligence lawyers in the UK? If you need to make a professional negligence claim get in touch here to ask us for help –  we’re always happy to try to give you a steer in the right direction. Additionally, here are some of the top professional negligence law firms in the UK (based on legal rankings, online ratings and more) to consider:-

Best Professional Negligence Lawyers UK

PNC Legal – “We specialise exclusively in resolving professional negligence claims for commercial and private clients located across the UK and abroad. With over 35 years combined experience, our solicitors are consistently recommended by the UK’s leading independent legal directories and for delivering an outstanding level of service with better results for clients.”

Irwin Mitchell – “Based across 10 regional offices, we are proud to have the largest team of professional negligence solicitors in the UK working for people who have been given bad advice by a professional.”

Wright Hassall – “Our expert team of over 20 solicitors has more than 30 years’ experience of advising businesses and individuals on professional negligence claims.”

Slater & Gordon – “Our professional negligence claims team is highly respected for their extensive work advising on disputes involving the provision of professional services, whether that’s the instruction of a solicitor in the handling of a divorce or an accountant preparing company accounts.”

MBM Commercial – “At MBM, our dispute resolution team in Scotland has a strong track record pursuing claims against:

  • Solicitors
  • Surveyors
  • Accountants
  • Financial/Tax Advisors
  • Architects/Engineers”

What is the Meaning of Professional Negligence in the UK?

Professional negligence in the UK is where a professional owes you a duty of care, they then failed in their duty and you suffer a loss as a result. In determining this, the courts would generally look at what a reasonably competent professional in their field would have done compared with what your professional did.

Types of Professional Negligence Claims

The following types of professional are regularly subject to professional negligence claims in the UK:-

  • Doctors and Surgeons – Medical Negligence (claiming against doctors or medical professionals for defective medical practice)
  • Dentists – Dental Negligence (claiming against dentists for defective dental work). That it’s why it’s best to contact trusted services such as All On 4 Clinic Melbourne to prevent mishaps.
  • Accountants and Financial Advisors (claiming for poor accountancy services or bad financial advice)
  • Solicitors or Barristers (claiming against lawyers for bad legal advice or representation)
  • Architects (claiming for defective architecture work or advice)
  • Engineers (claiming for defective engineering work)
  • Construction Contractors & Professionals (claiming for substandard construction work or advice)
  • Insurance Brokers (claiming for negligent insurance advice or products)
  • Tax Advisers (claiming for negligent tax advice)
  • Real Estate Agents, Valuers and Surveyors (claiming for negligent property advice or representation)

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