Looking for some of the top law firm news and legal content aggregators? Here are some of the leading ones based on their reviews and reputation:-

“Aggregate · Curate · Deliver – A news aggregation and publishing platform for any size team. Direct relevant information to those who need it, when they want it.”

“InfoNgen is a text analytics and sentiment analysis solution that automatically finds actionable insights hidden in mountains of data. See how it works:”

“We offer comprehensive media monitoring and analysis across online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts, capturing more content and conversations than anyone else in the industry.”

“Nexis Newsdesk is a multiple CODiE award-winner, recognizing the brilliant technology that makes our media intelligence solution easier, faster, and yes, all-around smarter than lesser offerings.”

“Convergence Bna. Bloomberg BNAConvergence – A unique news tracking and filtering solution that makes it easy to find, analyze and deliver.”

“Are you drowning in information, but starved for insights? We can help with that. Our cloud-based Competitive Intelligence Software transforms big data into digestible information and actionable insights. Now, you can make more confident business decisions today, for tomorrow.”

“Bring together real-time news sources, and the best of the business web and social media to empower decision makers. Our proprietary capabilities include a number of patented components which offer our users unique advantages. The NewsEdge technology engine ingests, enriches, and distributes content in sub-seconds assuring the users of our interfaces and feeds fast access to support better decision making.”

“Attensa’s personalized topic Briefings help you focus on the news and information that is relevant to your work and life so that you and your team can work smarter and more productively.”

“InfoDesk provides organizations with AI-driven technologies and powerful end-user tools to transform huge volumes of internal and external information into actionable insights, enabling you to make smarter decisions for your organization.”

More to follow in due course…