The pandemic forced many law firms to implement and adopt e-signature solutions rapidly to allow clients and third parties to sign legal documents with ease, at speed and, most importantly, remotely. If you’re still looking for a great e-signature solution, the following are some of the top e-signature providers for legal services firms, based on reviews, ratings, features, operational and efficiency benefits, reputation, and more:-

DocuSign –

The eSignature solution trusted by hundreds of millions of users

DocuSign - The eSignature solution trusted by hundreds of millions of users

“DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature, the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.

Today, over a million customers and more than a billion users in over 180 countries use the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to accelerate the process of doing business and simplify people’s lives.”

Capterra rating: 4.7/5 from 6685 Reviews at 2022 –

Customer Testimonial: ” Love this App! Best thing ever invented! I use it all the time! So easy to use!!!

Kimberly Merrill”

signNow –

Award-winning eSignature platform used by millions to electronically sign, send and manage documents

signNow - Award-winning eSignature platform used by millions to electronically sign, send and manage documents

“We want to make people’s lives happier, more successful, and enjoyable, by making their businesses run better, faster, and easier with full automation. As part of the airSlate Business Cloud, signNow helps more than 20 million individuals and companies sign and send documents for signing from any device and easily automate even the most sophisticated eSignature workflows.”

Capterra rating: 4.6/5 from 480 Reviews at 2022 –

Customer Testimonial“The interface is simple and easy to use for our team; more importantly, it is just as easy for our customers.”

Brian Fitzgibbons, COO at Optica Ventures LLC”

PandaDoc –

Taking the work out of document workflow.

PandaDoc - Taking the work out of document workflow.

“PandaDoc e-signatures can help you leave paper documents behind and create legally-binding contracts in an electronic form. Select a country to learn how e-signature laws affect the legality of your contracts when working across international borders.”

Capterra rating: 4.5/5 from 834 Reviews at 2022 –

Customer Testimonial: Shout out to @pandadoc for having a great product. Switched from another document-signing app and this is so much better.

Nicholas C. Zakas, Owner at Humans Who Codes LLC”

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