Best Cybersecurity Legal Tech Providers & Tips for Law Firms

Needing to ensure your law firm has excellent cybersecurity in place? It’s one of the most pressing issues for legal technology teams and indeed for law firms generally at the moment. The following are some of the top cybersecurity-conscious providers together with articles on best cybersecurity practices for law firms, lawyers, inhouse legal teams and legal services providers, based on reviews, ratings, features, operational and efficiency benefits, reputation, and more:-

Mimecast –

The Mimecast X1 platform powers a fully integrated solution suite that delivers world-class protection for communications, people, and data

Mimecast - The Mimecast X1 platform powers a fully integrated solution suite that delivers world-class protection for communications, people, and data

“Mimecast has stopped bad things from happening to good organizations by enabling them to work protected. We empower more than 40,000 customers to help mitigate risk and manage complexities across a threat landscape driven by malicious cyberattacks, human error, and technology fallibility. Our advanced solutions provide the proactive threat detection, brand protection, awareness training, and data retention capabilities that evolving workplaces need today. Mimecast solutions are designed to transform email and collaboration security into the eyes and ears of organizations worldwide.”

Capterra rating: 4.3/5 from 71 Reviews at 2022 –

Customer Testimonial: “With Mimecast, we have an enterprise-grade solution to help prevent emailed-based attacks across all devices. It was quick and easy to implement, and
support has been excellent. We’ve been able to satisfy our need to improve email protection, security, archiving,and continuity all from one solution.

Alex Loquens, IT Director at Lodders Solicitors”

More Cybersecurity Legal Technology Providers to Follow!

We will be updating this page in due course with further names of some of the top cybersecurity legal tech providers. Cybersecurity is more of an essential requirement that must be built in to every legal technology product rather than a product itself.

Best Cybersecurity Tips Articles & Resources for Law Firms

With that in mind, here are some of the best cybersecurity tips articles and resources from around the web that law firms can benefit from:-

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