Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software for Law Firms

AI is fast becoming the next big thing in efficiency and productivity tools for law firms. Below are some of the leading AI providers to law firms and some insight pieces.

Particularly relevant for commercial law firms for certain types of work, such as due diligence, compliance, contract management, document management and more, having an effective AI solution can mean big savings on your lawyers’ time, allowing them to focus on adding value where it matters.

“Kira is a powerful machine learning software that identifies, extracts, and analyzes text in your contracts and other documents.”

“Join the world’s leading law firms and in-house teams in embracing artificial intelligence. ROSS is an artificially intelligent system that gets smarter each day to advance your legal career.”

“Creating groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence technology which organises, discovers and summarises your documents.
Allowing all types of organisations to increase efficiency, increase productivity and mitigate risk.”

  • Luminance – Artificial Intelligence for Legal Due Diligence

“Luminance is the market-leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal industry. Luminance understands language the way humans do, in volumes and at speeds that humans will never achieve. It provides an immediate and global overview of any company, picking out warning signs without needing any instruction. Whether used for due diligence, compliance, insurance or contract management, Luminance adds value to a legal team, freeing lawyers to focus on what matters.”

“Award-winning legal advice, tools and training to spot, manage and minimise business risks; educating your business to stay on the right side of the law and guiding it to safety if legal problems do arise. Protect your organisation and let it fly.”

“As legal innovation continues to reshape the practice of law, firms are becoming increasingly aware of the value of technology in supporting a range of legal activities. With unparalleled precision-search capabilities and a sophisticated suite of easy-to-use tools, Nalytics® alleviates the burden of routine search, discovery and analytical tasks, freeing up resources and affording you time to invest in the work that really matters.”

“Lex Machina mines litigation data, revealing insights never before available about judges, lawyers, parties, and the subjects of the cases themselves, culled from millions of pages of litigation information. We call these insights Legal Analytics®, because analytics involves the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.”

Insights into AI for Law Firms

There are many insight and opinion pieces about AI for law firms across the web – here are a few that are worth checking out:-

More to follow. If you are part of a leading provider of AI software solutions for law firms and you would like to apply for your own listing with us please contact us here.

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