Needing the best legal technology for your law firm? The following are some of the top document automation providers for legal services firms, based on reviews, ratings, features, operational and efficiency benefits, reputation, and more:-

App4Legal –

All-in-one software that replaces all the isolated and costly tools.

App4Legal - All-in-one software that replaces all the isolated and costly tools.

“App4Legal – The comprehensive legal matter management software for Law Firms and In-house legal teams. Manage Legal Matters and ensure every detail of every matter is captured.

Organize & categorize your Matters, assign them, and manage them in your own workflow. App4Legal is the ultimate legal matter management system that keeps all your legal data in one place, accessible for better collaboration.”

Capterra rating: 4.7/5 from 38 Reviews at 2022

Customer testimonial: “App4Legal experts provided us with excellent assistance & displayed a very friendly approach. App4Legal has proven to be a very efficient product to GlobeMed’s legal practice.” 

Patricia Atallah, Head of Legal Department at Globemed


MyCase –

The Easiest Way To Run Your Law Firm. Rated #1.

MyCase Software - The Easiest Way To Run Your Law Firm. Rated #1.

“Our mission is to enable law firms to succeed by providing powerful legal practice management software that helps firms run efficiently from anywhere, provide an exceptional client experience, and easily track firm performance.”

Capterra rating: 4.724/38 Reviews 2022

Customer testimonial: “We don’t have to pull out a physical file to figure out the next step on a case or the last time we talked to the client. All of that is done in MyCase.”

Brandon Osterbind, Osterbind Law, PLLC


Rocket Matter –

Legal Practice Management Software Built for Today’s Busy Firms

Rocket Matter -  Legal Practice Management Software Built for Today's Busy Firms

“Rocket Matter helps law firms increase their revenue by more than 20% and offer better client service. Founded in 2008 as the first cloud-based product on the market, it offers an all-in-one legal practice management platform with the most powerful, easy-to-use time and billing software in the industry. With award-winning customer service based in the United States, it’s no wonder thousands of law firms love Rocket Matter.”

Capterra rating: 4.4/197 Reviews 2022

Customer testimonial“I am convinced that my firm makes significantly more because of Rocket Matter.

Great software that makes running your firms easier and more efficient! I have been using Rocket Matter since 2011 and will not be moving away. Tracking cases, recording time, and dealing with billing, and invoicing are all much easier with Rocket Matter!”

Nathan Petersen, The Petersen Law Firm


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