If you’re looking for advice on transitioning your firm to paper-light (rather than completely paperless) or looking for help with digital and document workflow for your law firm, consider the following experts:-

Helping Law Firms with Paper-Lite and Digital Transformation projects to improve the productivity of their people, and streamline working processes. Delivering results which increase billable hours, long term profitability, and create a more EFFICIENT LAW FIRM.

Fee Structure: “We “bolt on” to your firm as additional resource, and investigate project areas or departments. During this consultation period we charge a nominal weekly fee, which is typically less than the cost of a trainee. We work with your people to understand their needs, and investigate solutions based on the bespoke requirements identified.

Once a business case / change is identified, we will propose a project bonus (margin) using a simple, pre-agreed calculation, which is guaranteed to deliver a minimum 4:1 return for the Client.

This structure ensures there is no conflict of interest, and we are not rewarded by selling you specific software, or identifying a list of issues and leaving you to fix them. Our business model is focussed on understanding your firm and implementing results which work for your people.

We’re keen to speak with Firms who are looking to improve their operational efficiency (see our post on law firm efficiency here), and we’d love to hear about your plans (or desires) to improve these areas. In exchange, we’d be happy to offer some free advice and share insights on how we have helped others firms.”

If you would like to discuss this, contact Alex Hutchinson of Efficient Law Firm here.

See also listings for Digital Workflow Advisory for Law Firms in Google.

More updates to follow.