Best Car Accident Claims Lawyers ManchesterNeed a car accident claims lawyer in Manchester? Here are some of the top road traffic solicitors in Manchester (based on reviews, ratings and reputation) that may be able to help you, whether in respect of a minor collision or a more serious RTA, and whether the road accident involved a car, cyclist, motorcycle or pedestrian in or around Manchester:-

Garratts Solicitors Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

“Speak to one of our RTA solicitors before settling with the responsible motor insurer. You will have the opportunity to have your case reviewed by an experienced legal expert who will advise you on the appropriate level of compensation you may be eligible to receive. Some motor insurers will be inclined to make you an early settlement offer which may not factor in some of the long-term consequences of an accident.”

SDS Solicitors Specialist road accident solicitors

“Our specialist Road Traffic Accident Solicitors in Manchester have the experience to help all types of victims in road traffic accidents – from those who wish to make whiplash claims, to those who have suffered more seriously.”

Graham Coffey & Co. Solicitors Car Accident Claims in Manchester

“We have a great deal of experience in helping individuals who have been involved in a car accident to claim compensation, whether they were driving or a passenger. We will work tirelessly to help you to understand your claim and keep you updated with our progress at all times.”

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