Does your firm need a robust document management / storage solution? The following are some of the top providers for document management for legal services firms, based on reviews, ratings, features, operational and efficiency benefits, reputation, and more:-

iManage –

Solutions for Law Firms

iManage - Solutions for Law Firm

“The iManage knowledge work platform empowers law firms to work intelligently and securely, unlocking productivity and expertise to drive better results for you and your clients. Our platform enables a range of integrated solutions to help law firms manage knowledge more effectively while mitigating risk, improving compliance, and ensuring security and governance.  

iManage is the industry leader for law firms of all sizes because of our intense focus on delivering a more productive and intuitive experience for attorneys, and better business outcomes for their firm. “

Capterra Rating: 4.2/5 from 16 Reviews at 2022 –

Customer Testimonial: “It is a good product. Most law firms use it. The product is designed to center around the laws industry. It does a decent job at its core functions (that other free software does just as well or better). 

Francis P., Sr. Network Systems Admin.”

Clio –

Transforming the legal experience for all.

Clio - Transforming the legal experience for all.

“Clio is the undisputed leader in cloud-based legal technology offering practice management, CRM, and client intake software. Clio enables lawyers to be more client-centered and has earned the most 5-star reviews, the approval of over 65 bar associations and law societies around the world, and a global customer base of 150,000.

Clio enables law firms to deliver better client experiences through cloud-based practice management, CRM, and client intake software. Clio was the first to bring cloud-based legal practice management software to market and has been leading the industry since 2008 with the first client-centered suite of cloud-based law firm solutions, the Legal Trends Report, and the Clio Cloud Conference, which is now the most widely attended legal tech conference in the industry. ”

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5 from 1207 Reviews at 2022 –

Customer Testimonial:  “Clio helped us have the capacity for growth. Our total billing per year has tripled in the last few years, but since switching to Clio, the time running those bills has been cut down drastically.

Charlie Weisinger,  Weisinger Law Firm”


Filevine –

The Operating Core for Legal

Filevine - The Operating Core for Legal

“Filevine is case management software built for and inspired by real attorneys. As a fully-featured suite of tools, it comes ready to manage every part of a moving case. Assign tasks, upload files or images, monitor staff productivity, and communicate with your client directly from within their case file.

Our software is built on the truth that every law firm functions differently. That’s why Filevine is so customizable. Build new case-type templates, design automatic workflows, and receive customized reports on a schedule that fits your needs.”

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5 from 187 Reviews at 2022 –

Customer Testimonial“If you want to decrease the stress levels for you and your staff, Filevine is the way to it. If you want to get your time back, Filevine is the way to do it. Manage cases better? Keep track of deadlines? Increase staff satisfaction? Use Filevine.”

Jake Lee, Christensen & Hymas

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