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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Law Firms & Lawyers

If you are an in=house marketer or a stakeholder in a law firm, the following tips will be useful if you’re looking to grow your practice:-

1. Treat your firm’s online presence as a growing asset

You need to consider your firm’s online presence as a significant asset: a revenue-generating stream that’s just as valuable on your balance sheet as your offices. You cannot just invest in it for a couple of months and expect it to feed your lawyers with work for years to come. It must be worked on, and invested in, continuously and vigorously.

2. Your law firm’s website should be your main focus

A key part of this is your law firm’s website. Your site should be the focal point for all your online marketing activities. Yes, it’s important to establish presence elsewhere, particularly in Google with great SEO, and build relationships outwith your site, such as through social media channels for your main practice areas and key lawyers, but your efforts should drive contacts back to your site where you’ll be aiming to convert them.

3. Make decisions based on solid statistical evidence and research

You should base your main decisions on where to focus your marketing efforts and investment on data and careful research. At the most basic level, you should have Google Analytics and a call tracking system installed on your website. Your marketing team should also have an effective CRM to track where your best sources of profitable business are coming from and to set up systems of remarketing to your best contacts. As an example, if your PPC ad group for wills and executry work has been generating 10-20 calls per month, with a conversion rate of 25%, worth at least £2,000 per month to your firm and the cost of acquisition for that business was £500 per month, you should be thinking what if I multiply that investment X5? X10?

4. But don’t start with data – formulate your firm’s goals at board level

As noted in my publication ‘8 analytics tips for law firm success online’, published in the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers, November 2016 (referenced in the publications section of my LinkedIn profile here), it’s important to establish your law firm’s goals before formulating any marketing strategy, whether online or offline. While data, especially as to ROI, is crucial for all of your decisions on where to put your future marketing investment, don’t start with the data. Ensure you have business objectives for your law firm signed off at board level before considering how to meet those objectives.

5. Content is King

Whether you’re looking to dominate Google for targeted keywords or wanting to increase your conversion rates, content is crucial. At least 1,000 words of great informative content per landing page is generally considered to be sufficient to rank well in search (provided the other elements of your site’s SEO are up to scratch).  To convince prospective clients to choose you rather than your competitor, the more useful information you provide online, generally the more your lawyers are seen to be experts and the more likely you will be to be hired. And note that legal information online is considered, by Google, to be part of what it calls ‘Your Money or Your Life’ (YMYL) content i.e. (as Google notes), “They are pages that can have an impact on your current or future well being (physical, financial, safety, etc.). YMYL pages should come from reputable websites and the content should be created with a high level of expertise and authority.”

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