Best Legal Technologist Specialist Consultant ScotlandA new legal tech directory, the following list of pre-eminent top legal technology advisers, specialists, leaders, and consultants includes those who are revolutionising the legal profession and the provision of successful legal services. 

From managing and implementing AI for law firms, legal case management software and other legal technology solutions, they facilitate innovation and propel law firms forward, enabling them to enhance their operations, legal services, and client solutions.

In his spare time, lawyer turned legal internet marketer Gav Ward, WardblawG’s Founder, has been running this as a pro-bono initiative to make what he hopes will be one of the world’s largest directories of legal technologists . This has been partly inspired by his experience as a Director of Moore Legal Technology (now MLT Digital) and by a quote from legal futurist and legal technology legend, Professor Richard Susskind O.B.E., that “As time goes on, every lawyer will need to be a legal technologist of some sort.”

Gav aims to list every legal technologist to give them the best chance of improving their own online visibility and to show what others have made of their legal tech career journey so far.

If any legal technology professionals would like to be included in the 230+ legal technologists, consultants and advisers listed so far here please get in touch here

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