Need the best live chat or chat bot options for your law firm? The following are some of the top providers available:-

Top Live Chat Providers

Instead of an enquiry form, phone number or email address on your law firm’s website, you may want to also consider live chat which allows you to respond to enquiries there and then – to have a real-time discussion with the person via your site. Here are some of the top options for live chat that can work on solicitors’ websites:-

Live Chat Software with Zendesk Chat –

“Live chat and messaging create a personal connection with customers looking for support. It’s a fast and effective way to offer help—without interrupting their experience.”

Live Chat Software and Chat Support Software from –

“Show off your goods in elegant product cards and make more sales while chatting; Qualify leads with custom forms and AI chatbot automations; Track sales and goals automatically to see precisely how chats boost revenue”

Free Live Chat Software from HubSpot –

“Today’s buyers want information — and they want it now. Use live chat to automatically connect chatters to the right people on your team: Route customer inquiries to your services team, and pass leads to the salesperson who owns that relationship.”

Need Help Setting Live Chat up for Your Law Firm’s Website?

Note also that as part of their 2020 Toolkit (particularly developed to help law firms adapt and succeed in 2020), Moore Legal Technology can help your law firm have live chat and appointment setting software set up on your firm’s website.

Chat Bot Options for Lawyer Websites

Chat bot options exist to provide automated answers to prospective client queries on your firm’s site. They can save you being inundated with queries where you don’t have the resource to answer over and over again. But the level of sophistication you can achieve with these may still be limited compared to the bespoke approach of live chat with a real person.

If you are seriously considering buying and implementing a chat bot for your law firm, it’s well worth reading law firm owner and legal technology commentator Brian Inkster’s thoughts, research and analysis here.

The following are some of the options you may want to consider:- – Customer Service AI Chatbots for Your Website

“Build intelligent virtual assistants for your websites, facebook pages, and messaging apps.”

Watson Assistant – IBM Cloud –

“Get smarter customer self-service, reducing costs and customer wait times”


“AI-powered self-service bot delivering consistent answers about your business in response to COVID-19.”

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