Considering merging with / acquiring another law firm in the UK? The following are some of the UK’s top law firm merger consultants (based on reviews, reputation, ratings and more) who you may want to speak to:-

“My firm merged with a UK national giant in a cross-border tie-up that was regarded as pioneering at the time and has been a great success.”; “It was an invaluable personal experience. Since then, I have had the privilege of being at the heart of decision-making with clients of different sizes and in different markets, providing an independent and experienced voice, as they work towards the solution that is best for them.”

“Jomati Consultants LLP is the leading UK-based international management consultancy specialising in the legal profession. Its consultants have held worldwide level senior roles in law firm management, as general counsel and as providers of financial analysis for law firms. Our advice is exclusive, tailored and discrete.”

“Our work on mergers typically involves working with both firms over a period of time addressing these and other key issues.”; “We asked Andrew to facilitate a joint partners’ away day following the announcement of the proposed merger of our two firms, in order to help us bond as partners and to formulate an agreed vision and strategy for the new merged firm. Andrew’s involvement exceeded all expectations. “

“Armstrong Watson offer a proactive Mergers and Acquistions service specifically for the Legal Sector. Every two months we prepare and circulate a list of firms looking to acquire others, to merge or to be sold. We identify firms that match the criteria set out by those we know are seeking such amalgamations.”

“The M&A business case will promise plenty of upside – but why does the reality so often fall short? The simple answer? It’s very difficult to pull off successfully…The really hard work starts with bringing organisations together technically and culturally. And that’s where we come in. Quite often we’ll have already advised on certain issues during the deal, such as IT strategy; but we swing into action on the ground as soon as the ink is dry. What we take charge of, in effect, is orchestrating the technology road map and required to integrate firms successfully.”

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