What is WardBlawg?

WardBlawg is a high quality legal blogging resource, helping law firms, lawyers and other legal professionals contribute to law 2.0 from around the world and to help them enhance their own legal practices by maximising their use of social media. Our blawgs are also designed to provide a valuable resource for businesses, law firms, lawyers, law students and consumers looking to get answers for their legal problems or to hire the best lawyer for them.

About WardBlawg’s Founder: Gavin Ward, LLB Hons Dip LP, Solicitor (non-practising)

A former commercial lawyer, Gavin Ward qualified with a large commercial law firm in the UK in 2010. Appraised by partners as “strong”, “very effective” and “well above the average”, Gavin founded this legal blogging service WardBlawg on 23 June 2010 to help lawyers and legal professionals from around the world to publish law blogs (otherwise known as blawgs) more effectively.

Upon qualification as a Solicitor, Gavin worked in-house at legal IT company LawWare Ltd and designed and managed social media optimisation and inbound marketing campaigns for the launch of their LawCloud product in addition to the development of legal workflows for law firms across the UK.

Gavin joined leading law firm growth consultancy and online business generation agency Moore Legal Technology in November 2010 and was appointed SEO & Social Media Marketing Manager in June 2011 and Operations Director as of 2013.

Gavin’s mission is to help the truly great lawyers (who genuinely want to help people with their legal problems) to succeed through more effective use of the Internet; and to publish significant amounts of high quality legal information online.

He was also a former tutor of private law and moot judge at the University of Glasgow and a tutor of commercial law at Strathclyde University.

In his spare time, Gavin enjoys blogging, golf and spending time (away from the Internet) with his family.

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Gavin Ward
+Gavin Ward is the founder of WardBlawg, Director of YouBlawg Limited and Operations Director at Moore Legal Technology Limited, specialising in helping law firms, lawyers and businesses grow their businesses online and aiming to help get great legal content published and shared across the web. Gavin created this law blog or ‘blawg’ to aim to contribute useful updates, thoughts and advice to help law firms, businesses and the legal profession in the UK and across the world succeed both online and offline.