Looking for a top transfer of equity or remortgaging lawyers, mortgage broker for equity release or legal advice in the UK for your circumstances? The following are some law firms and lawyers (based on reviews, reputation, ratings and more) who you could consider:-

Equity Release Solicitors for England & Wales

Here are various equity release solicitors who could help you:-

Stephensons – “Equity release is an option increasingly favoured by those aged over 55 years old (with property worth at least £50,000). Our equity release solicitors are able to offer this service at a fixed fee of £650 plus VAT”

Ashfords – “Ashfords’ Equity Release Team specialises in advising clients on the legal implications of lifetime mortgages and reversion plans, including lifetime interest only mortgages, hybrid lifetime interest only/compound mortgages and conventional lifetime mortgages…Our award winning team offer specialist advice, working in conjunction with your financial adviser”

Forbes Solicitors – “We offer all of our services on a fixed fee basis, including those regarding equity release.”

This article from The Telegraph is also useful in helping you see who some of the top equity release providers are (i.e. the providers themselves, not just the solicitors who can help with the legal aspects of equity release).

Scottish Equity Release Lawyers

For equity release in Scotland, you may want to consider a Scottish-based lawyer to you help you, such as:-

Raeside Chisholm – “If you are a homeowner who would like to release some of the equity tied up in their home, Raeside Chisholm can help. We advise on the legal aspects of releasing the value tied up in your home and can refer you to financial advisors who can fully discuss the various options available to you, as well as dealing with the whole application process.”

Caesar & Howie – “At Caesar & Howie we have a specialist team dealing exclusively with Equity Release products. We are a member of the Equity Release Council and adhere to the rules and standards laid down by that organisation.”

Dallas McMillan – “Equity release is a specialist product requiring expert advice. As well as consulting with our expert solicitors, we always recommend that you also seek independent financial advice before committing to an equity release product. Our team always act in your best interests”

Transfer of Equity Solicitors in England & Wales

These firms of English solicitors could help you with transfer of equity:-

Homeward Legal – “Homeward Legal are experts at ensuring a smooth transfer of equity occurs in minimal time and cost”

SAM Conveyancing – “Many expect the transfer of equity process to be fairly straightforward; especially if it is just an owner of a property wanting to release their equity to a joint owner or a new owner. This can be the case when there isn’t a mortgage lender and this is why there are many transfer of equity DIY kits online. The challenge however is where there is a mortgage registered on the property…”

Irwin Mitchell – “We’ve helped many clients with equity transfers and have the expertise to assist you with completing the process quickly and with the absolute minimum of hassle.”

Remortgaging Solicitors in England & Wales

Looking to remortgage? Note that there are only certain circumstances where you’ll legally require a lawyer to help you and certain circumstances where you won’t (as per this guide from the HomeOwnersAlliance, “If you remortgage with your current lender, by simply moving to a new rate or deal, it’s considered a “product transfer” and requires no additional legal work.”)

These remortgaging lawyers could help you:-

GW Legal – “GWlegal has been helping customers remortgage for over 30 years and can help you lock in that new rate sooner rather than later…We won ‘Best Conveyancer’ at 2016 Specialist Finance Awards”

Forbes Solicitors – “If you’ve decided to remortgage your home, Forbes Solicitors can make sure the process is as simple and as stress free as possible…If you are looking to remortgage your property, let Forbes assist you and make sure you’re getting the best service available from expert remortgaging solicitors.”

Attwells Solicitors – “We have completed hundreds of Second Charge Mortgages over the years so we can say with some confidence that your matter is unlikely to be anything we haven’t seen and dealt with many, many times before…Attwells offer a fixed fee for re-mortgages.”

And you may also want to consider also these top mortgage advisers in London.

Remortgaging Lawyers in Scotland

Austin Lafferty – “We have connections with a variety of lenders and first-class financial advisers and mortgage brokers and can refer you for a free consultation to a suitable firm.”

MMi Legal – “McVey and Murricane currently act for in excess of a dozen lenders often dealing with “rapid remortgages”.”

The Glasgow Law Practice – “If you need to release some of the equity in your property for whatever reason, one option may be to remortgage your property. Our equity release lawyers in Glasgow can help you through the process quickly.”

Financial Advisers

And if you need a financial adviser to help you, the following financial advisers may be able to help:-

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