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Jonathan Bowker CEO and Co-Founder

Jonathan Bowker, CEO at Advanced Analytica, Senior AI Consultant and Accredited Legal Technologist; Legal Technologist and Adviser to Technology

(Pangbourne)  - CEO at Advanced Analytica, Senior AI Consultant, and Accredited Legal Technologist; Legal technologist and adviser to technology, media and entertainment, mobile commerce, internet, and IP-focused companies on the strategic use of data, privacy enhancing technologies, and privacy architecture and engineering. I advise on the development and implementation of a strategy for more intelligent and secure use of data. I am a specialist in the converging areas of technology, data, and privacy. I have detailed experience and expertise in the benefits new technologies can deliver for privacy, cybersecurity, and data operations. I am an expert when it comes to privacy-enhanced solutions. Established and emerging companies seek my support for enhancing their cybersecurity and data privacy operations. As one of fourteen legal technologists worldwide accredited by the Law Society of Scotland, I advise businesses on data mapping, privacy-enhancing technology, and information centralization strategy. I help senior management prepare for new market entry and share and transfer data. I act as a translator between legal and technology functions and align data usage with business objectives on a foundation of compliance for competitive advantage. I enjoy being a pioneer and working with innovators to implement new technologies and techniques, and helping them improve data-driven operations. Over the past decade, I have enabled senior leaders to identify potentially dangerous data movements and navigate complex regulatory landscapes. In addition to my legal-tech and tech-legal consulting, I am also an entrepreneur, co-founder, and owner of a data solutions company, Advanced Analytica.

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