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Joan Ruth Donohoe, Global HSE Legal Compliance Manager

Joan Ruth Donohoe, Global HSE Legal Compliance Manager

A professional, ethical Global HSE Compliance Manager with more than three decades of operations, corporate and consulting experience in the Oil & Gas, Education and Pharmaceutical Sectors. I currently manage the Global HSE Legal Compliance Programme in our company covering operations and commercial sites, working in partnership with our stakeholders to ensure compliance and the continuous evolution of the company’s HSE and risk strategy. I'm passionate about sustaining a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace for the long-term.
As a qualified coach (ACC), I bring a wealth of expertise to my global role. My experience in coaching associates from various backgrounds has honed my ability to tailor strategies that resonate with individuals from diverse cultures, ensuring their professional growth and peak performance. I excel in fostering effective communication, helping bridge gaps between geographically dispersed personnel, and ensuring that everyone feels heard and understood. Additionally, my understanding of leadership dynamics in a global context equips me to support my current team and stakeholders with making informed decisions in today's interconnected world.

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