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Udrisha Sarkar, Legal Tech Specialist

Udrisha Sarkar, Lawyer | Coporate Commercial Law | Legal Tech Specialist | Immigration & Employment Law

I am a passionate Legal Tech Professional with a solid foundation—a Master of Laws (LLM) from the esteemed University of Auckland. With over three years of experience in the legal tech field, I've honed my skills in Arbitration, Banking Laws, Corporate Commercial matters, and combating White-Collar Crimes.

My journey has been marked by innovative solutions and effective team management. I thrive on leveraging my legal expertise to drive impactful projects that seamlessly integrate technology and law.

Beyond the professional realm, I am a proud advocate for environmental causes, anti-drug initiatives, and women empowerment, having represented the University of Auckland in various campaigns.

Away from legal intricacies, I find joy in dramatics, devouring books, and pursuing my hobby as a barista. Let's connect and explore the intersection of law, technology, and creativity. Open to collaboration, discussions, and, of course, a good cup of coffee!

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