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Graeme Johnston Legal Technologist Dundee Scotland

Graeme Johnston, Top Legal Technologist, “Software to map work – before that a lawyer”

(Dundee, Scotland) - Founder & CEO of Juralio “Juralio is easy-to-use software for mapping your work and getting things done.”

“We design and develop software to help people deal with challenging, complex, potentially stressful work. Software alone can’t solve this, but ours is intended to support an effective, insightful, calm, human, less-distracted way of working. Our software is designed and developed by our own employees, not by contractors.

We aim to be a great place to work. We also pay great attention to the continuous improvement of our systems for design, engineering, security, data protection and support. Our software is designed to fit into the business software ecosystem. For example, we integrate with leading products for document and chat handling. We also make significant contributions to an open source endeavour intended to make the world a better place – see )"

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