Ranking Law Firms on Twitter by Klout: When will it end?

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Another list of law firms on Twitter ranked by influence according to Klout has been published.Klout Logo

The list was produced using Klout by I-Com. This list of influential Scottish law firms on Twitter follows I-Com’s publication of a list of English law firms on Twitter. These lists aim to expand on the poor efforts of Flagship Consulting earlier in the year.

Admittedly, I-Com does a much better job than Flagship Consulting did and, indeed, I declare an interest in this as one of Moore Legal Technology‘s client law firms Lawford Kidd made the list of Scottish law firms at #5, alongside other Scottish law firms such as Biggart Baillie, Harper Macleod, Inksters, MacRoberts, MBM Commercial, Burness, Brodies, McGrigors and MMS, all of which do use Twitter well in different ways.

However, there is still an issue with these lists being produced: they assume that Klout is a valid tool for measuring influence on Twitter and other social media platforms. While the algorithm of Klout does make a decent attempt to measure influence, its algorithmic nature is still restrictive, preventing it from measuring the more important factor of return on investment. How many clients have the law firms in the Klout rankings gained through using Twitter? How many relevant followers do they have? How many relevant interactions? How much money has that brought to the firms? Klout will certainly not tell you that.

The seminal work on the subject of using Klout to measure law firms’ social media influence is Brian Inkster‘s article on The Time Blawg: UK Law Firms with Klout – A Clearer Picture . In his article, Brian leads us through many of the pitfalls in using Klout to measure use of social media. I would strongly suggest anyone with an interest in the subject reads (or re-reads) Brian’s post and the comments therein.

When will it end?

This all leads to the question: when will these Klout leaderboards on law firms on Twitter end? I honestly thought Brian’s post on The Time Blawg would have put an end to them, but clearly not.

And as an aside, I’m on Klout here. One way to manipulate a Klout score is to give others “+K”. In that respect, if anyone would like to give me “+K” about Klout, please feel free to do so 😉

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