Social Media Marketing & ROI at Social Media Week | Gavin Ward

Gavin Ward at Social Media Week in Glasgow

Gavin Ward was speaking at Social Media Week at the Business Banter on the subject of “Social Media Marketing & ROI: Generating Business Online”

Gavin Ward at Social Media Week in GlasgowThe following topics were discussed in further detail, with examples of successes both personal and for client law firms, through use of social media:-

  • The various facets of “return on investment” (not “Republic of Indonesia” as someone suggested comically), including brand awareness and development, growth of digital assets, development of risk management capability and direct or indirect financial results;
  • The growing use and importance of social media for professional service firms
  • Reasons for blogging in a legal context, including engagement with the legal profession, business development, developing personal brand and brand of the law firm, sharing legal knowledge and developing current awareness;
  • Why and how law firms and lawyers can use Twitter to develop relationships, develop current awareness, and increase traffic to their website;
  • Reasons for using LinkedIn in a professional context;
  • How engagement in LinkedIn groups can be particularly rewarding;
  • Why focussing on the benefits and value of social media use in the broader sense is to be welcomed, with financial results, e.g. in terms of client wins, inevitably following.

This was delivered on the Wednesday alongside other Social Media Week speakers. Further images of the event are available on the Business Banter website.

On the Thursday, Gavin delivered a presentation at the Aberdeen event, Managing a Law Firm in the 21st Century, covering similar themes in more detail.

Gavin will presenting on similar topics at the upcoming Glasgow West Business Club event on Tuesday, 25th October.

If you’d like to discuss any of these ideas further please get in touch via the contact form to arrange a free initial consultation.
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