The Laws of India 2.0: Indiablawg is now LIVE

by WardBlawg on February 13, 2011

Expert know-how and updates on Indian law are now available at

Indiablawg Twitter Image Indiablawg Twitter Image

A great contact from our own Linkedin, Manish Dhingra owns a commercial Indian Law firm, Dhingra and Singh and is a Foreign Legal Consultant at Software Tactics, Inc. in Chicago in the US. View Manish’s profile on Linkedin here.

Latest Indiablawg Posts

The latest updates to Indian law can be viewed here:-

India unveils first ever Defense Production Policy

Director’s Liability under Negotiable Instruments Act

India and Isle of Man Sign Tax Information Exchange Agreement

Delhi High Court upholds Foreign Arbitration Award

It is hoped that the Indiablawg site and Indiablawg Twitter account are able to contribute towards the laws of India for the benefit of both businesses and lawyers from India and the rest of the world.

Keep up to speed on all other relevant legal updates from WardblawG’s twitter account.

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