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by WardBlawg on February 8, 2011

Last month, we were mentioned in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland’s article “Eleven Scots blawggers worth keeping an eye on in 2011”. This was written by Iain Nisbet of Govan Law Centre, who himself runs a Scots law blawg at Given that this website was created only in June 2010, this is to be considered a great achievement at what is still just the beginning of this blawg’s journey through the blawgosphere, alongside the other 10 great Scots blawggers mentioned and the blawgging world as a whole. The extract from the Journal Online is as follows:-

Gavin Ward

Gavin’s eponymous site has gone from a standing start to a “big presence” in a short period of time. Perhaps this is no surprise as his student dissertation is republished under the heading “How to dominate the Internet”. He has also published a guide on how to write a first class dissertation. Beyond this, the posts are not very frequent and you do sometimes have to plough through a lot of adverts to find what you want. Added extras: YouBlawG; MusicBlawG; EuroBlawG etc etc.

This “big presence”, if it is indeed that (yet!), is due to a fast-moving period of mistakes and lessons learned through experimenting with social media and SEO. However, it is harder than I imagined to make a million by blogging in the space of a few months, but in a few years it is certainly not impossible: take, for instance, the Huffington Post , bought for $315million just yesterday on Monday 7 February 2011. In the meantime, I offer a professional social media, SEO and content drafting service to businesses in Scotland and the UK, the bulk of which involves operating a portfolio of twitter accounts and managing several other social media campaigns professionally. I am very competitive and want to get businesses to the top of Google for their most-targetted keywords and want to drive extra business through twitter communications. Contact me for further information.

I should add that one of my new favourite blawgs, by Brian Inkster, The Time Blawg has launched itself into the blawgosphere at an almost unprecedented rate, which is no surprise given Brian’s long-standing reputation on twitter. We would expect The Time Blawg to make the list of blawgs in the next review.

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