Chrissie Lightfoot’s “The Naked Lawyer” eBook Review

I recently read Chrissie Lightfoot’s “The Naked Lawyer”, RIP to XXX, How to Market, Brand and Sell YOU!, having met Chrissie a few times at legal networking events in London and having followed her on various social networks for the past couple of years. And I’m pleased to note that I found her book to be informative, enjoyable, well-structured and, ultimately, very useful for any lawyers looking to improve their own business development skills particularly through effective use of the web. The Naked Lawyer eBook Review

A Genuinely Helpful Tool

Often, when downloading or purchasing an eBook I find that the content is thin with strong sales messages throughout. I’m pleased to note this contained no such stuff. This book goes heavy on both quantity and quality and is genuinely focussed on helping you succeed, while delivering the information in a unique entertaining style. I thought it would be useful to set out a few key features of the book which I found especially useful, together with a few reasons why I think you will benefit by purchasing the book.

Forward-thinking, current and very relevant

Showing how she can be Light of Foot (a pun acknowledged by Chrissie herself meaning ready to meet new challenges, change direction and take risks), Chrissie displays a wealth of social media knowledge in this work relevant to lawyers in the 21st century. With detailed tips such as the need to develop brand consistency through the creation of all social media accounts and domain names etc while simultaneously protecting your intellectual property, The Naked Lawyer explains in simple terms the importance of branding in the digital age, whether that is ‘Brand, Me’, ‘Brand, Product’ or ‘Brand, Firm’. ‘Brand New’ is what I’d say.


The future of ‘Brand, Me’, as Chrissie notes, is social. ‘Businesses are generating real customers with social media and blogs – the most rapidly expanding category in the overall marketing budget.’ Being an SEO & social media marketing manager for law firms I could not agree more with Chrissie’s thoughts on the importance of social media and SEO for solicitors in this chapter.  Hearing about how Chrissie set up a branded LinkedIn group which attracted almost 300 members in 30 hours through a predefined strategy was particularly impressive.


With 370 pages of searchable content, if you’re looking to find out expert thoughts on a particular subject you can use the ‘find’ feature within the pdf to get straight to the information you need.

Just do something

Constant reminders to ‘just do something’ as subheadings within volumes are particularly welcome in today’s ABS climate. Lawyers cannot just sit back existing in the legal world of 10 years ago. The Naked Lawyer’s continued calls to action are useful and motivational. ‘Exit the comfort zone’, ‘Exit the Ivory Tower’ and build bridges: just a few of Chrissie’s tips guaranteed to get you to take action.

Step-by-step guides in Law Law Land

Probably one of my favourite aspects of the book, each volume concludes with useful, definitive steps on how you can take action to improve your own skills. Laugh out loud in parts, the book is difficult to put down (metaphorically), particularly when at the start of some chapters you get a ‘big hug from your private Naked Lawyer dancer in law law land’.

Contact Chrissie

Chrissie advises me that first chapter of The Naked Lawyer eBook (Volume 1) is now free. You can download the FREE Volume 1 and/or purchase The Naked Lawyer eBook here: I’m confident you will benefit as much from the book as I have!

Gavin Ward

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