Law Blogging Going from Strength to Strength: Blawgs on the WardBlawg Network April 2012

April 2012 has seen continued strong law blogging from expert contributors throughout the WardBlawg network.

YouBlawg: Your Law 2.0

Below are links to the blawg posts on YouBlawg from April:-

Space Law; Explored

Space. The final legal frontier… Graham Kerr of Legal Media Solutions pens a first class dissertation on significant aspects of space law. Great to see that astronauts and space lawyers from the US and Australia have been retweeting this piece. Graham’s other guest law blog from this month is entitled The Use of Force in International Law: Whether Israel acted within the law in the Lebanon War of 2006.

The coming challenges from legal technology

Tesco law – yes we have all heard of the threat to law firms from big companies with massive budgets and business know how but is there a bigger threat being largely overlooked? EvolvedLegal discusses.

What Makes People Tick? The Trayvon Martin Case

 The highly publicized Trayvon Martin case in Florida has attracted immense media attention, leading to highly polarized opinions as to who, George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin, was the aggressor and who was the victim. But what if each individual was, simultaneously, both the aggressor and the victim? John Newman considers.

How Has The Internet Changed The Way We View Legal Ethics?

While the advent of the Internet has been a boon for businesses in most industries, the legal profession has been forced to approach the online world with a great deal of caution. The Internet has proven itself to be a vast source of liability, a landscape filled with endless pitfalls for practitioners of the law, particularly when it comes to ethics.

Should you go for a Short Sale or Short Payoff?

 When you are not in a position to pay off the outstanding on your mortgage loan and your lender is beginning to hint at foreclosure, it is time to start exploring options that will help avoid this extreme step.

UK Law: Making A Successful Claim Following A Sporting Injury

Andy J considers what the right procedure is to follow to ensure that your personal injury claim is successful.

Military Law; Protecting a Soldier’s Rights

The laws and regulations which govern and control military and navel justice in the United Kingdom can be dated all the way back to the 19th century and The Articles of War. John Vitality takes a look at military law in the UK.

DePuy ASR Lawsuit | California DePuy Hip Attorneys

Since Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Orthopedics division announced a recall of its ASR all-metal hips in 2010, the company has faced an increasing number of lawsuits filed on behalf of patients who claim they were injured by one of these devices. As new lawsuits continue to mount, a Nevada judge has set the first trial date in the DePuy hip litigation.

5 reasons not to represent yourself in court

James Christie presents five good reasons why it’s best to hire a lawyer rather than bat for yourself in a court of law.

Slip and Fall Torts: Determining Factors and What To Do

 Analysis from Madeline Johnson about what determines a slip and fall tort and what should you do if you find yourself the victim of another’s negligence?

New Guest Article: When Will Online Poker Become Legal?

Considering moving to Canada so you can play online poker legally? Maybe you won’t have to.

Changes to Mortgage Penalty Rules in Canada

Guest law blog article on changes to mortgage penalty rules under Canadian Law.

The Use of Force in International Law: Whether Israel acted within the law in the Lebanon War of 2006

Graham Kerr of Legal Media Solutions considers whether Israel acted within the law in the Lebanon War of 2006 in this excellent international law piece.

U.S. Federal Tort Reform: The Unstated Effects

Tort Reform in the U.S. is topic discussed ad nauseam.  Reports with hidden questionable intent state that the federal government will save some 54 billion dollars over a decade if tort reform is implemented.  Rachael Kennedy looks into the subject of US federal tort reform in detail.

Pradaxa Bleeding Deaths | California Pradaxa Attorneys

A new report issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from April 2012 suggests that additional patient deaths may be attributed to Pradaxa in the U.S. Expert US personal injury lawyers Nadrich & Cohen examine the consequences.

Travel to the U.S. Under the Visa Waiver Program: 4 Pitfalls

Citizens of the U.K. and 35 other nations who meet certain conditions can travel to the United States under the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, allowing them to skip the expensive and time-consuming process of applying for a visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate. Brad Menzer explains more about pitfalls under the Visa Waiver Program.

How Much Compensation for Personal Injury Claims?

Working in the personal claims industry, one of the most common questions that My Compensation get asked is: How much compensation will I receive? They explain levels of anticipated compensation in more detail.

5 Marketing Strategies To Help Drive Your Practice

Small law firms and attorneys who decide on hanging a shingle are no different from any other small business in the sense that their success will strongly depend on their marketing efforts. Cherrell T provides some useful Internet marketing tips.

Holiday Accidents: What You Need to Know

The news is full of headlines all year round with stories of holidaymakers who have travelled abroad for a much-deserved break but ended up with a much more stressful situation on their hands than they expected. Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors provides some tips.

When Do Grandparents Get Child Custody?

Divorce leads to pain not only for the couple involved, but also for the kids. In many cases parents find it easier to move on, while children take a longer time to adjust to the situation. Useful guest blog from a firm of Toronto divorce solicitors.

Be Careful Where You Are Injured | Watermans Solicitors

As the continuing period of economic austerity and uncertainty continues, businesses have to look at what measures they can take to reduce their outgoings and tighten their belts to ensure survival.  In contrast, these same businesses are seeing year-on-year increases in their public liability and employer liability insurances. Watermans Solicitors provides some valuable information.

U.K. Health Agency Warns Doctors Against Using Metal Hip Implant Combination

The U.K. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a new warning advising doctors against using a specific combination of metal hip implant components. Personal injury law firm Nadrich & Cohen examine the effects of this news.

FamilyBlawg: Family Law 2.0

Below are links to the family blawg posts on FamilyBlawg from April:-

What To Look For When Seeking a Family Lawyer

If you’ve never been through the legal process before, realizing the amount of time, effort, and stress that go into it can be more than daunting.

Is it right that Single Joint Experts can do a poor job and then hold the parties to ransom over correcting their mistakes?

Expert witness reports are often necessary in the course of proceedings to assist the Court in determining issues which require special expertise and usually where the parties are unable to agree those issues between them.

20 of the best: family law blogs and news from the past week – March/April 2012

20 of the best family law blogs and news posts from around the web from earlier in April 2012.

LabourBlawg: Employment Law 2.0

Below are links to the employment blawg posts on LabourBlawg from April:-

Tips for Avoiding a Labor Lawsuit

There’s nothing like a lawsuit to disrupt business and tarnish your business’ spotless reputation…

What Constitutes Racial Discrimination in the Work Place?

We’ve all heard about racial discrimination in the workplace, but what truly constitutes it and how should you act if you feel you are being discriminated against based on your race? A US perspective.

Man Wins Landmark Age Discrimination Compensation Claim

A man who worked as engineer from Whittlesey has successfully won an age discrimination compensation claim described by experts as a ‘landmark’ case.

CommercialBlawg: Commercial Law 2.0

Below are links to the commercial law posts on CommercialBlawg from April:-

Practical tips for negotiating a business contract

If you do not have a legal background, it is always advisable to seek professional, legal advice, particularly when negotiating a contract, but in any event it is always worth bearing in mind the practical factors outlined in this post.

Important commercial law decision on limitation Central Bank of Nigeria v Williams

In another in depth case review, as published on CaseCheck, Anis Waiz considers this important decision on limitation.

The benefits of Company Secretarial Services

Since the Companies Act 2006 was introduced, private companies are no longer required to have a formal company secretary appointed. Here are some of the benefits of company secretarial services nevertheless.

PropertyBlawg: Property Law 2.0

Below are links to the property law posts on PropertyBlawg from April:-

CPSE standard enquiries not fit for purpose?

Pre contract enquiries are part of the method of investigation of commercial property transactions. These enquiries can be acquired in various ways including purchasing the freehold, leasehold or mortgage supplier. Evolved Legal explains further.

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme

With due respect to the Law Society, some of it’s accreditations have been more useful as marketing tools than for genuinely evidencing expertise and additional trustworthiness, but things are changing. Evolved Legal explains…

What is Probate?

Guest blog post from a Canadian author explaining what probate is. See also our guide to probate disputes.

Guest Property Law Blog from Hanne & Co: To Let or Not to Let

With the Olympics looming many property owners within a hop, skip and jump of the Olympic sites are racing to secure “holiday lets” and earn a packet. Hanne & Co publish a very relevant property law post in advance of the Olympics commencing later this summer.

Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor

Choosing a conveyancing solicitor has become more complicated in the last few years. In days gone by it was simply a case of choosing from a handful of local high street solicitors.  Today, though, in addition to your local solicitors there are dozens of websites offering online conveyancing at reduced rates…

PersonalInjuryClaimsBlawg: Personal Injury Law 2.0

Below are links to the personal injury blawg posts on PersonalInjuryClaimsBlawg from April:-

Google penalising personal injury over optimisation?

Unlike many other law firms, personal injury practices get the internet. They understand their market well and know that, as with almost all other business sectors, upwards of 20% and rising of instructions now derive from online searches…

Local personal injury claims – can they compete?

Personal injury is a dog eat dog part of legal practice perhaps like no other except conveyancing. It is also perhaps the most lucrative area of law outside of the top corporate practices, so is it any wonder that buying power and marketing budgets have been a key driver?

Car Accidents involving children

Around 25 children between the ages of 0 and 11 years are killed in car accidents annually…

Why Your Health Insurance Hates Your Car Accident

Guest personal injury law article regarding health insurance and car accidents from Rick Console.

Three key components of a personal injury claim 

If you’re hurt as the result of an accident or you’re injured by a defective product, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Tort Reform’s Effects: Intended Versus Actual

As we saw in this Tort Reform article, the proposed U.S. H.R. 5 Act is a big issue to Americans…

Injuries on the golf course: Anthony Phee v James Gordon & Another [2011] CSOH 181

Judgment in the case of Phee v Gordon was delivered last year, although I thought it would be useful to remind readers of its importance, not just within delict under Scots law, but also for golfers and insurance companies across the UK.

Concussions, Brain Injury Claims and the NHL

Guest personal injury article regarding concussions, brain injury claims and the NHL.

Skilled Insurance Attorneys Win Clients’ Major Claims

All the reassuring advertising means nothing when you file a claim with a major insurance company…

Families Suing Over da Vinci Surgical Robot

Intuitive Surgical is facing at least two lawsuits over the da Vinci, a robotic surgical system used for laparoscopy.

Vehicle Accidents: Facts, Safety Tips, and What To Do After An Accident

Automobile accidents are in the top 10 causes of death in the United States, so it’s no wonder that one can’t watch television or walk down the street without seeing a personal injury lawyer advertisement for those injured, or worse, in vehicle related accidents…

Common Questions That Come Into Mind While Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

A guest personal injury article regarding some of the best questions to ask when hiring a personal injury lawyer.

What is U.S. Federal Tort Reform?

Politicians and the media have been talking about Tort Reform since the 1990’s in the U.S…

Compensation For Head Injuries

Guest personal injury article regarding compensation for head injuries.

Top 4 Features of Personal Injury Law Case Management Software

Guest personal injury blawg post outlining considerations when selecting the best case management software for personal injury law firms.

Youngster Secures £2.5m Car Accident Compensation Claim

A youngster has won his car accident compensation claim for a car accident which happened back in 1988…

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