Social Media and the Law

Who owns a Twitter follower?: Noah Kravitz sued by PhoneDog for $340,000

December 28, 2011 Social Media

[Translate] A US mobile phone news company is suing its former employee in respect of the ownership of his Twitter account. Noah Kravitz worked for the company, PhoneDog, between 2006 and 2010 as a product reviewer and video blogger. During this time, his Twitter account with former username @PhoneDog_Noah gained over 17,000 followers. According to […]

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#IAmSpartacus: #TwitterJokeTrial and #TwJokeTrialFund in December 2010

December 1, 2010 Legal Know How

It may be argued that none of these were quite as menacing as the first tweet by Paul Chambers, but if the English judiciary is to stand by its precedent, then why has no further enforcement taken place? The reason is that society, which takes a place in any legal system, has revolted against what is surely one of the most misguided pieces of judicial reasoning of the 21st century, principally due to the common failure of the law being able to keep up with technology.

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