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Doswell Law Solicitors Ltd. – Kent Settlement Agreement Lawyers

Doswell Law Solicitors Ltd. - Kent Specializes exclusively in employment law and workplace mediation.

Specializes exclusively in employment law and workplace mediation.

“Doswell Law has extensive experience in advising employees on settlement agreements. We can provide you with clear advice on the specific terms of the settlement agreement including the taxable status of any payments and benefits and on any claims, you may have against your employer.”

Brachers LLP – Kent Settlement Agreements Law Firm

Brachers LLP - Kent Award-winning law firm

Award-winning law firm

“Our team of expert and highly skilled employment solicitors advise employees and individuals on work-related legal issues including contracts and pay matters, restrictive covenants, confidentiality agreements, discrimination, employment tribunal claims, workplace grievances, settlement agreements, and exit strategies.”

Redmans – London, Serving Kent


“If you’re being offered an employment settlement agreement then you have the right to get advice from a lawyer on this – our specialist settlement agreement solicitors can advise you on the settlement agreement terms you have been offered and seek to negotiate these for you”. Led by specialist employment lawyer Chris Hadrill, Redmans Solicitors can help advise on all aspects of settlement agreements. Based in London, Redmans Solicitors help clients across England and Wales with settlement agreements.

Knocker & Foskett – Settlement Agreements Solicitors Kent

Knocker & Foskett - Kent Long-standing practice. Outstanding service.

Long-standing practice. Outstanding service.

We provide specialist advice and assistance in preparing Settlement Agreements on behalf of employers.  In addition, we often advise departing employees on proposed ‘without prejudice’ severance arrangements and, in particular, the waiver and settlement of their contractual and statutory rights arising on the termination of their employment and the terms and effect of Settlement Agreements.

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