Need a settlement agreement lawyer in Essex? Are you an employee, executive, or employer in Essex? If you’re looking for a settlement agreement in Essex, the following list of great lawyers and law firms (reviews, reputation, ratings are all taken into account) could help you and you can get in touch here to ask us for guidance too:-

Kew Law LLP – Essex Settlement Agreement Lawyers

Kew Law LLP - Essex Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Essex

Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Essex

“At Kew Law, our Solicitors can offer all the advice you need to end your employment on the best possible terms. Settlement agreements are drafted by your employer or their solicitors on their terms. A requirement of a settlement agreement is that you seek the advice of a solicitor to finalize your agreement. To be legally binding you must have received separate, independent legal advice, generally paid for by your employer.

In the vast majority of cases, our settlement agreement solicitors can usually work within the employer’s budget, so there is no charge to you as an employee unless the employer does not pay!”

Redmans – London, Serving Essex


You have the right to seek employment law advice regarding any employment settlement agreements that are presented to you. Redmans Solicitors, led by employment law specialist Chris Hadrill, can advise on all aspects of settlement agreements. Redmans Solicitors, based in London, assists customers in England and Wales with settlement agreements. Their specialised settlement agreement lawyers can provide you with advice on the terms of the settlement agreement that has been provided to you and may work on your behalf to negotiate them.

lloyd-donnelly-settlement-agreement-solicitorsLloyd Donnelly

“Whether you need your Settlement Agreement signed, need advice on whether to accept it or not or would like us to help you maximise your payout by taking your case, even if that means representing you in an employment tribunal, we can help.”

Mullis & Peake LLP Solicitors – Essex Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Mullis & Peake LLP Solicitors - Essex Leading law firm providing legal advice to businesses and individuals in Essex.

Leading law firm providing legal advice to businesses and individuals in Essex.

“Mullis & Peake LLP Solicitors is one of the region’s largest and most respected law firms, with a team of specialists providing up-to-date, professional legal advice on all that matters to people and companies. The firm has adapted to the fast-changing legal profession whilst maintaining the principles of the original partners.

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Ellisons Solicitors – Settlement Agreement Legal Advice in Essex

Ellisons Solicitors - Essex Specialist Employment Law Solicitors supporting employees

Specialist Employment Law Solicitors supporting employees

“Ellisons Solicitors is a dynamic and innovative firm with a rich history, having been established in the East of England for over 250 years. Ellisons offers a comprehensive range of services both in terms of legal services and independent financial advice as well as international business.

Our talented team of experienced, creative, and practical lawyers is dedicated to serving and protecting your interests, and our unique blend of experience and innovation enables us to provide the best possible service in a constantly changing environment.”

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