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Daniel McWilliams Full stack web developer

Daniel McWilliams, Full Stack Developer at MLT Digital

(Glasgow) - Full Stack Developer at MLT Digital

Currently very happy in my new role, fixing stuff and burying my head in code.

I’ve worked in web development since gaining an HND in Multimedia and Web Development in 2007, and have continually expanded my skills to keep up with the latest working practices, languages, standards, and trends.

Coding and design have been a hobby of mine on and off since I was young – I typed my first BASIC program into my C64 when I was eight, and dabbled in other languages like Blitz Basic and AMOS as I got older.

Initially learning graphic design and basic HTML in college, I taught myself CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and several related libraries and frameworks, including Backbone, React, and Vue, to name only a few.

I like using Joomla and WordPress to build all kinds of projects, they offer a solid foundation for any website and have a wealth of plugins, add-ons, and community support.

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