Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence in the Legal Sector

ai-artificial-intelligence-legal-sectorArtificial intelligence has influenced nearly every area of our world, whether or not you realise it. For example, if you want to get answers to a customer service question and you check out a live chat or chatbot function on a company’s website, before you speak to someone, you may be interacting with artificial intelligence.

And even fields that many didn’t expect to be impacted by artificial intelligence have found advantages in its capabilities. For example, the legal sector has started to see advantages in the usefulness of artificial intelligence.

However, that has also led to some concerns. Will AI replace certain types of workers, for example? Will it make some types of lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants or secretaries obsolete? Will it make the role of all lawyers obsolete?

The answer to that last question is most certainly, “No.” You will always need the input and help from  people who have studied law and have can defend you at court just like law experts from FrouharLaw. They will help explain all of the possible options and outcomes of your case beforehand, potentially helping you avoid severe penalties before a trial even begins. If you hire a top lawyer sometimes helps you avoid possible legal headaches down the road.

There is much that computer code can do and much it can’t. Artificial intelligence can process data, but it can’t make value judgements.

Want to learn more? These graphics from Kira provide a useful summary:-




For further reading, see this guide from Kira: Can AI Be Problematic in the Legal Sector?

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