Climate Change Blawg Launches

Climate Change Law Legal NewsWith 97% of climate scientists agreeing that human activity is causing a global climate crisis, it’s more important than ever before that the law helps us, and not hinders us, at this critical time.

To play my part and to help others do so also, in my spare time I’ve been developing a new site called Climate Change Blawg.

Reporting, Changing and Improving Climate Change Law

My mission with the site is to work with others to share useful insights and hopefully to make a contribution in respect of changing and improving climate change law across the world.

Launch Day Engagement

And I’m pleased to note that on the day of its launch (9th October 2010), there was some really great engagement from many contacts both on LinkedIn and Twitter, particularly with discussion and sharing around this list of leading climate law influencers, which has since been expanded based on various recommendations, some of the top ones being included below:-

And which also included comments from Brazil (indeed Brazil turned out, surprisingly, to be the biggest audience viewing the site on launch day, alongside the US, UK and various other countries):-

(Translation: List with 35 profiles of legal experts on climate change. And look how great: there are 2 Brazilians on the list! @JoanaSetzer, incredible researcher at @GRI_LSE, and @caiosborges, lawyer and super articulator on the subject of climate disputes by @climaesociedade.)

Editor’s note – see also this update regarding Plant-Based Car Wax which could help in respect of environmental legal targets for the motoring sector.

Climate Change Law & Environmental Legal News, Blogs & Insights

With 8 blog posts already on the site, there are at least three further article contributions lined up for the coming months. Articles, publications, comments, shares etc from like-minded people welcome – if you’d like to contribute or know someone who would please do get in touch on our contact page or on Twitter via @climateblawg.

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