What to do if you have suffered from medical negligence

The following explains some of the relevant considerations you should be thinking about if you have suffered medical negligence in the UK.

If you have suffered any form of medical negligence you may well be entitled to pursue a legal claim.  The law can serve as an important check on medical malpractice and you may consider it important to pursue a claim in order to condemn bad practice, not let it happen again, and to receive deserved recompense for the discomfort you have suffered.

The first step in your efforts to seek out justice may well come in the form of browsing the net for reliable advice.  Typing medical negligence into a search engine will bring up a host of solicitors and personal injury firms and you must then find the most understandable advice and guidance.  Finding a decent, accredited law firm means you’ll receive the best advice on whether you have the grounds to pursue a medical negligence claim, and some of the more established firms like Express Solicitors benefit from the advice of resident medical experts and can describe the process in very simple terms and take away much of the apprehension you may feel. Such firms are available via free phone telephone lines or email if you wish to open channels of communication less personally.

After you’ve enlisted the help of a solicitor an investigation will begin into the details of your medical negligence claim using the records available.  As a medical negligence lawyer builds a portfolio of evidence, you’ll be instructed whether you can go to the next phase of actually lodging a complaint with the negligent party. If this is to be the case the negligent party will receive a description of your claim and be given a timeframe in which they can respond.  They may accept responsibility, partial responsibility or they may deny negligence entirely.

In some cases a settlement may be made outside of court but in others litigation will ensue and court proceedings will take place. Your solicitors should seek to guide you through the entire medical negligence claim with the utmost sensitivity.

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