WardBlawg’s New Year’s Blawging Resolutions 2012

Here are my five blawging resolutions for 2012:-

1. Be more focussed with blawging.

In addition to my tips for blawging written last year, I think it’s more important than ever before to have continued focus with blawging and to some extent that’s what helped ScotsLawBlog win an award last year. Last year I also joined a Cold Case live chat series with Vidster and his audience on Twitter to discuss blogging in more depth. I’m joining the #cclivechat discussion again on 20 January at 12-1pm EST and it would be great to discuss these ideas further there.

2. Produce and indeed encourage more, good quality content that’s worth sharing.

Content is also more important than ever before when it comes to blawging. Google and other search engines do not favour duplicate content or content farms. Some of my blawg posts from last year managed to attract a good size of audience, mainly thanks to the kind shares across social media networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. It is also hoped that the increasing volume of guest contributors and indeed contributions to http://www.youblawg.com/ will help to this end too. If you haven’t already, please do register for free.

 3. Don’t just retweet a story that’s really interesting. Write about it.

Often it’s tempting to share a story to social networks and just leave it at that. While that’s great for spreading the word and its effect is immediate, it doesn’t take much longer to write a fuller blog post on the subject and adding relevant comment. This approach should hopefully produce more relevant content for readers.

4. But do share via growing social networks even more legal content and content that will help others to share more legal information.

As noted, it’s great to share information via social networks particularly given their immediate effect. I’ll try to share and engage even more through my main Twitter accounts at @GavWard and @WardBlawg, through the other Twitter accounts listed at the top right of this page and through WardBlawg’s other social media networks listed on the Contact page.

5. Engage even more with other bloggers

 In 2012, I’ll try to engage more with other blawgers, mainly by commenting more on blogs and by guest blawging even more. One of my better guest blog posts from last year was on the PupillageBlog website and indeed many of my posts have and continue to be written on the Moore Legal Technology blog.

That’s my blawging resolutions. I’ve already written about SEO resolutions generally here also. If anyone has any different resolutions or good suggestions, I’d be delighted to hear them.

Best wishes for 2012.

Gavin Ward

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