Top 5 Reasons for Young Lawyers and Barristers to Get Blogging

by WardBlawg on June 10, 2011

This week I am really pleased to have been published by The Pupillage Blog with a guest blog post entitled the ‘Top 5 Reasons for Young Lawyers and Barristers to Get Blogging’. A synopsis is below. For the full article head over to The Pupillage Blog.

Top 5 Reasons for Young Lawyers and Barristers to Get Blogging

Looking towards 2012-2013, many young lawyers, barristers and trainee solicitors should no longer be looking merely to survive, but instead to thrive and advance their careers. Aside from the most important approach of getting the head down and doing the legal work, blogging or, as some in the legal profession prefer to call it, to blawg, can produce some powerful results. In my guest blog post I discuss my five top reasons for young lawyers and barristers to get blogging / blawging, which are as follows:-

1. Engage with the Legal Profession
2. Tick the “business development” box
3. Become a fish: Develop your own personal brand
4. Show Responsibility and Trust by Getting it Right
5. Develop Legal Knowledge and Increase Current Awareness

I’ll be speaking about this in more depth at SYLA’s annual conference on 23 June 2011 and will publish a more detailed post thereafter.

Best wishes

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PS for young barristers or those seeking pupillage, it’s worth checking out the websites of these prominent barristers and resources for young barristers:-




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