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by WardBlawg on April 10, 2011

I am delighted to have been mentioned in the sixth installation of the UK Blawg Roundup, as written by Brian Inkster of The Time Blawg. In a thoroughly comprehensive review, Brian travels back in time to discuss the early days of UK law blogging (the past), considers the current status (the present) and looks at what is to come (the future). This is a must read for anyone with an interest in blogging, not just blawging.

As Absolvitor says Gavin Ward’s “eponymous site has gone from a standing start to a “big presence” in a short period of time. Perhaps this is no surprise as his student dissertation is republished under the heading “How to dominate the Internet”.” Following on the theme of dominating the internet Gavin’s latest post is Top 7 SEO Tips for Law Firms. Gavin’s quest for world blawg domination sees him also blogging at GavWard, ScotsLawBlog, MusicBlawg, YouBlawg not to mention (and outwith the scope of this roundup) EuroBlawg, USBlawg, IndiaBlawg and AraBlawg. There may be more!

As I have already commented on The Time Blawg post, when I started blogging, I was with a large law firm from which no-one seemed to blog or tweet in a professional capacity with the intention of driving more business to their practice (as far as I was aware). Edinburgh Castle, Background To ScotsLawBlog's Twitter Account

With the web domains I own, such as, the intention over the next few years will be to try to get more lawyers out of their shells (both blog-shells and social-media-shells) and share more legal information from around the world, in an optimised manner; a lot of law firms have outdated content management systems that don’t do justice to the expert legal content being published. From my relatively short time in the blawgosphere I appreciate that there is already a great deal of contribution already and so I hope that I can encourage others to add to this.

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