Legal Mindmaps: Obligations Part 1: Performance Interest

by WardBlawg on March 29, 2011

I have already written a relatively comprehensive article about how law students and, indeed, practitioners can use mindmaps to study and practise law effectively. I do not intend to rehearse any of the points made there. Instead I intend to demonstrate specific examples from my time at University.

Justitia: Old Bailey Justitia: Old Bailey


Below are several examples of A3 mindmaps used to study the Honours LLB course of Obligations under Scots Law. These are, essentially, my own notes in mindmap form made before my Obligations finals exams, with sources used such as case law, textbook analysis and tutorial discussions. They are not a compilation of lecture notes and, indeed, I would warn any student reading this that it is not acceptable to publish lecture notes on the Internet.

To view fully, click the links to the images below and/or right-click and save them to your desktop and open with a picture viewer which will give you a chance to view them in full. The undernoted text describes the major subheadings used within the images. I hope you enjoy. Any questions, please comment below.

Ruxley Electronics and the Performance Interest

Mindmap on Ruxley and the Performance Interest

– Introduction to include performance interest generally with mention of Fuller and Perdue, the expectation interest and Friedmann’s arguments
– Protection of the Performance Interest
– Ruxley Electronics and Loss of Amenity and Reasonableness
– Farley v Skinner
– Panatown (which leads to the next mindmap…)

The Legal Black Hole and Panatown

Mindmap on Panatown and the Legal Black Hole

– Introduction, to include Lord Clyde’s statement “There are many situations in daily life which do not fit neatly into conceptual analysis”
– Ways of getting around the third party loss problem
– Focus on the direct contract between A and B
– The exception to the general rule
– Collateral warranties
– Jus Quaesitum Tertio (JQT)
– The Albazero exception and St Martin / Linden Gardens
– Panatown
– The narrow ground: the Albazero exception elaborated
– The broad ground: the performance interest elaborated
– Comment, to include Panatown having a loss itself and the concept of loss remaining unclear
– Scottish Clarification
– Clark Contracts
– McLaren v Murdoch
– Transferred Loss and JQT



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  • Dr Shibley Rahman

    Really good idea. I like this a lot.

    • WardblawG

      Thanks Shibley. When I get a bit more time, I’ll add to the collection of mindmaps online. Hope you’re well and early #ff to you.

      Best wishes

  • David Killen

    Hi Gavin, great maps. I have jumped right in with my own maps. As you know I was somewhat appprehensive about it at first, but I can see already how beneficial using such a technique can be. This is particularly so in a field such as law, where there are a lot of relationships to consider. Mind maps are, I find, a very good tool for bringing that to the forefront. More so than linear notes at least.

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