How to Dominate the Internet: Book One: Protect Your Brand: Chapter 9 of 10: Further Reading

by WardBlawg on August 30, 2010

Further reading and learning about IP law

So that’s a brief introductory guide to protecting your IP online. To learn more about IP law and IP protection, I would recommend strongly that you visit WardblawG’s friends at the award winning IP blog, the IPKat, founded and managed by Professor Jeremy Phillips. Subscription to Jeremy’s Google groups will provide your inbox with a flurry of IP related email gems every day plus the odd cat picture. My cat or, as Jeremy puts it, my owner Missy has already made one appearance on Wednesday Whimsies.

A list of further IP blogs can be found here. This list, as explained by the Kats, has been reproduced verbatim below. Please do have a look through these and subscribe to the ones most relevant for your business, practice or studies.

* The 1709 Blog caters for the copyright enthusiast. With input from a panel of bloggers drawn from various corners of the copyright world, coverage of all aspects of copyright law and practice is rich and varied (

* PatLit tackles patent dispute resolution topics, not just from the UK but from the US, Europe and wherever interesting news and comments emerge ( nb: This blog is looking to recruit more contributors, ideally drawn from Germany, Japan, The Netherlands and other patent-litigation-rich jurisdictions. If you’d like to be considered and can write in English really well, email Jeremy here.

* IP Finance touches that delicate interface between intellectual property and the world of finance, addressing securitisation, valuation, royalty rates, assessment of damages and the evolution of new business plans (

* Class 46, founded by friends of the MARQUES organisation and driven by a 10-strong team, this blog delivers trade mark and brand-related news and developments from across Europe (

* Class 99 — which is unconnected with Class 46 — is dedicated to design law and practice in the UK, in Europe and beyond. It is written by a team of experts in the field (

* jiplp is the blog of Oxford University Press monthly, The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (JIPLP). Each month it publishes some of the journal’s Current Intelligence features, together with news and other journal-related issues (

* Two regional weblogs also cover IP activity. First comes Afro-IP (, which deals with the IP scene in Africa, while IP Tango ( does the same for Latin America.

IPKat team blogger Jeremy is also involved in the smooth running of a blog which which is supported by law firm Olswang LLP, where he is anIP consultant:

* The SPC Blog, a handy information source for anyone who is involved in the tiny world of supplementary protection certificates. This blog has also hosted two annual seminars on the subject (

The blogs listed above are open to all readers, do not carry advertisements and may be enjoyed via email subscription or RSS feed.

The IPKat is happy to draw the attention of his readers to the launch of any new IP weblog, whether he and his friends write for it or not. IP blog events are generally mentioned in his Monday Miscellany, Wednesday Whimsies and Friday Fantasies features.

The final chapter in this series of How to Dominate the Internet: Book One: Protect Your Brand concerns commercialisation of your IP. Please do look out for it later this week.

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