How to Dominate the Internet: Book One: Protect Your Brand: Chapter 1 of 10: Branding

YoublawG: Welcome to Your Law 2.0

Intellectual Property (“IP”)

As every business knows or should know, you must develop and protect your IP. For various reasons, this has become even more important throughout the recession. In essence, IP is the outward image of your business and should be protected in a strong manner.


First, although it might seem like putting the cart before the horse, choosing a brand name that works on the web is one of the most important things you will ever do in an online campaign. Therefore a lot of effort should be spent thinking about this. And in doing so, think about the principles underpinning trade mark laws: generally you cannot register a trade mark for words that are already in the dictionary, so it is usually best not to waste time and money thinking about generic names like AmazingBooks. It is difficult but by no means impossible to get such a domain to the number one spot on a Google search.

When I chose the name WardblawG there were 0 search results for it via any search engine such as Google. [As at April 2011 there are over 8000].

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