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by WardBlawg on July 20, 2010

RSS ElvisLessons

Throughout my legal traineeship, I have had many lessons drilled into me. One of the most important of these is that commercial lawyers must know their clients’ businesses inside out, in addition to the law affecting their clients. If they do this, they should develop better commercial and legal instinct. And it is instinct that differentiates an average lawyer from an exceptional one.

Achieving better results for clients

How can they achieve that? They might scour the papers; they might browse the web; they might ask colleagues in their department or across the firm; they might meet with clients consistently, by phone, email or in person.

Alternatively and additionally, as is my preferred method, they may consider utilising Google News in addition to Google Alerts for a little more bite.

5000 hits and a host of sponsors

As the WardblawG surpasses the 5000 hit mark after only 3 weeks, in addition to gaining sponsors and a Google search tool at the top of the site (leading to more sponsors), I have now also included two permanent RSS feeds at either side of this blog to “Scots Law” and “Scottish Law” through Google News, which highlight excerpts from quality articles discussing the most recent developments in Scots law, such as through the Scotsman’s or the Herald’s legal journalists. These have each been set to produce the latest 5 or so posts, which should, hopefully, not detract from the accessibility and readability of the collection of feeds as a whole.

Further RSS

This is in addition to the RSS feeds at the bottom of this page for which I have gained consent. Please feel free to have a look at these and scroll through the 4 sets of them using the left and right arrows located at either side of them.


Similar Google News feeds, as I have already mentioned , can be used to keep track of different clients, industries, technologies, law, and even matters or disputes: A little more action, a little less bark (from clients) and a lot more spark!

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Gavin Ward, 20 July 2010.


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