Best Telephone Answering (Call Handling) Providers for Law Firms UK

The following are some of best providers of telephone answering (call handling) services for law firms and solicitors in the UK. In a recent study, 85% of law firms interviewed admitted to not having a good process for dealing with new enquiries. If you are one of those firms, these companies could help you:-

Onwards Answering –

“We guarantee to improve your turnover; request one of our free trials and we’ll demonstrate how; We will become your front-line sales team. We’ll weed out the unwanted sales calls and spam AND we’re primed to listen for your next new business opportunity.”

Verbatim –

“One of the more general (and useful) reasons for solicitors to use a call answering service is to help them qualify new enquiries. Using a series of set questions, a virtual receptionist can determine which callers need to speak to which departments, or even if the firm can actually help with their request. And if a member of staff is on holiday, the enquiry can still be handled in a professional manner, and the business won’t be lost.”

alldayPA –

“When it comes to telephone answering, we’ve got the most complete range of services in the UK. If it involves answering the phone – we’ve got you covered.”

Moneypenny –

“Exceptional businesses, including Magic Circle law firms and leading brands, outsource their switchboard to Moneypenny. We give you dedicated receptionists, on hand 24/7, to look after everything your in-house team does and more.”

Guide to Call Handling for Law Firms

See also this guide to Call Handling for Law Firms from Moore Legal Technology, including the importance of handling calls and indeed all new enquiries effectively:

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