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Xavier Beauchamp-Tremblay, Legal Transformation

Xavier Beauchamp-Tremblay, National Lead / Legal Transformation

Xavier Beauchamp-Tremblay is a lawyer, technologist, and seasoned executive. Xavier joined KPMG in October 2021 after completing a 6-year mandate as the President and Chief Executive Officer of CanLII, the Canadian Legal Information Institute, a web platform that uses technology to provide open access to Canada’s legal and regulatory information to about half a million monthly unique users. Under his leadership CanLII significantly improved its features and contents, while securing its supply by completing the acquisition of Lexum, a Montreal-based legal tech.

Xavier is known for bridging the gap between senior decision makers and technical teams to get them to succeed together despite their different backgrounds. He’s a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), knows Python, and has worked with several of the most-used Python libraries in the development or prototyping of AI and machine learning applications. Earlier in his career, Xavier practiced IP and IT law at national and international law firms and managed the trademark portfolios of several Canadian public companies.

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