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Tom Barraclough, Tech, Law

Tom Barraclough, Tech, Law and Public Policy

I am a passionate and experienced consultant, project manager, and analyst with a proven track record of influencing policy from outside government, building relationships, and solving complex tasks within limited budgets.

Through my work I’ve successfully led and influenced major projects with a focus on strategic legal and policy work at the national and international levels. I’m the Director and Co-Founder of the Brainbox Institute, an organisation researching emerging technology and corresponding policy and legal issues.

I have worked on projects pertaining to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation, the AI Forum of New Zealand, OpenLaw NZ and more. I have also run several domestic and international forums that include governments, technology companies, and civil society organisations.

I am experienced analysing complex ideas in public-facing projects, producing meaningful and relevant reports, presenting to high-level officials, including Ministers and senior executives, communicating with the public and media, and always delivering durable and optimal conclusions in difficult areas.

I establish key relationships quickly and find opportunities to generate mutual advantage and promote understanding. As a leader, I aim to create an environment of honesty and respect while listening to and remaining curious about everyone’s perspectives.

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