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Shreya Karkare, Legal Tech

Shreya Karkare, Machine Learning Products | Legal Tech

I currently work as a product manager in legal tech sector with focus on AI powered products. Over the past years, my professional journey has led me through domains such as legal tech, tax legal journalism, tax & accounting consultancy and internal audit. This multifaceted experience has positioned me at the intersection of tax, law, design, and technology.

Through my career, I have collaborated with internal product users, investors, potential investors, and key clients as part of my stakeholder management responsibilities. I have worked closely with developers, designers, sales, machine learning engineers to build compelling products that solve real problems. Additionally, I have contributed to strategic product positioning and brand positioning initiatives, further demonstrating my ability to drive value. Further, my experience includes process redesign aimed at automating and standardizing activities, thus enhancing efficiency and effectiveness within organizations.

I enjoy translating business requirements into actionable insights, utilizing tools such as product requirement documents, MVP narratives, and roadmaps, etc. to facilitate seamless communication among design, engineering, and IT teams. With experience in both legacy large organisations and dynamic fast paced start-up environments, I am able to navigate various roles encompassing product management and project management.

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