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Matt Yezovich, Legal Technologist

Matt Yezovich, VP of Sales, Legal Technologist

I am blessed with great family, friends, health and a spirit to give everything I can so that all people/processes/places I encounter might be better off when I am through.

I am fortunate from having had top-notch mentors, supervisors and colleagues who taught me many things over the course of my life. And being a lifelong learner I expect to continue to grow & learn and correct any flaws or shortcomings I may have.

I enjoy risk taking, decision making, creativity and challenges that seem insurmountable.

I want to work with intelligent, motivated, uplifting people who have integrity and high standards. I believe leadership is all about how you hire, how you inspire, your culture, how you reward, how you celebrate victories and deal with disappointments.

I want to simplify things, deliver value, energize others, remain passionate in all that I do and work quickly & efficiently so I can spend more time with our daughter because “life is too short.”

• Hunter
• Start-Up/Growth & mature businesses
• SaaS, Enterprise Software, and Consulting Services
• Direct Sales, Technology Sales
• Sales Management, Account Management, Business Development
• VP of Sales, VP of Account Management

• C-Level Execs: CEO, COO, CFO, CIO
• VP/Director of Finance/IT
• Large/Mid-sized enterprises

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