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LOS ANGELES, Legal Services Specialist

LOS ANGELES, Legal Services Specialist

My experience as an Legal Services Specialist has taught me to be detail-oriented, focused and efficient in the preparation of legal documents. My knowledge and experience working in a law office setting has given me a better understanding of the court system and the process that goes into preparing legal documentation for each case. As a Legal Assistant my goal is to utilize my knowledge and skills with your organization; also learning from the experience that you have giving me. With this said I am open to any position that will enhance my knowledge in the field of Law Practice. In the future I wish to gain the knowledge needed for any position that may... now let's just keep it real okay because you know I noticed in the LinkedIn world I had you know opening honestly asked a opening question about the admissions to law school and how other attorneys experiences were did they meet their Mrs committee in person or they zoom meetings and you know what was I being reasonable or unreasonable to say naturally I assumed the candidates would meet the missions committee in person in fact I requested it was denied couldn't appeal it and then it was informed that I should apply 2023 as the president said if this law School informed me so generously and for two days I've asked this question on LinkedIn to numerous attorneys with their constantly flagging some characterization some programs some new process some new thing that going on but not one of these attorneys that one of these litigators are called barristers not one of you in this community have taken a minute to read my question and give me insight on their experiences and illegal opinion as to whether I have reasonable or unreasonable not one of you have answered me and it just brings clarity to me as a non attorney who's been practicing for all practical purposes law for the last 10 years with the with with a client base I serve people who obviously many of these so called good people and illegal communities they want I'm asking a simple question to have a second one word on the topic no wonder why these people come to other people who are not attorneys to do the attorney's job it's a sad State when you start when you personally and you know who I'm talking to you all of you you want to punch your fan but what's wrong with this country what's wrong with this and what's wrong with that I'm going to give you guys a suggestion look in the goddamn mirror start there

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