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Kenneth L., Regulatory & Commercial Counsel

Kenneth L., Regulatory & Commercial Counsel (IP/Data/Security/AI)

I am a disputes lawyer by training, and did part of my "time" in local biglaw. My early years were spent in the world of corp. restructuring. What this means is that I understand very well what things explode, what commercial street fighting entails, and how to work with anyone and everyone - separately and at the same time. I get sh*t done.

In 2019, I left law-firm life and went in-house. I joined the IMDA (Singapore's tech regulator) as an Assistant Chief Counsel, and double-hatted as in-house counsel for the "POFMA Office" after Singapore's "fake news" law was launched in Oct 2019. My stint at IMDA gave me insight into global internet and media regulations; and what regulators' expectations truly are in respect of the myriad of evolving risks in technology - "emerging" or otherwise.

In 2021, I joined GXS Bank (one of Southeast Asia's 1st digital banks) as a legal consultant, and helped them "set up shop". Highlights include helping the start-up convince the Monetary Authority of Singapore that (after numerous hard-fought negotiations with the usual "big boys"), we had the necessary critical systems in place to proceed with our plans for a phased and incremental launch - first to a smaller group, and then to the public at large.

Since 2022, I have been supporting AIA SG's digitalisation and transformation efforts as a specialist tech, data & cybersecurity counsel. Yes - I'm being a lot more vague about what I currently do. But I'm legit... I promise ! In 2023, I was the youngest-ever, first, and only in-house counsel in the <10 PQE category that the Singapore Academy of Law accredited as an Specialist in Data & Digital Economy Law. This must be proof... right?



Dream big, my friends. And don't lose heart. With the right people, #wagmi and change the world.

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