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Haydn Jones, Founding Account Executive

Haydn Jones, Advancing Legal Tech Adoption | Founding Account Executive

Sparked by a Business Law course during the pursuit of my Bachelor's degree at Texas A&M University, my interest in the legal landscape found a diverse and demanding arena in which the talent pool possesses unique characteristics and practice areas. As I was suddenly at the crossroads to either attend law school or continue on my planned track of diving into the entrepreneurial deep end, the logical next step was to find the intersection of the law and business. Through this search, I stumbled on the bustling vertical that is legal technology and have yet to look back since earning an early position with Benchly, Inc. As one of the few U.S. companies that owns a comprehensive case law database, Benchly possesses unique capabilities which other legal technology vendors rely on integrations or APIs to accomplish. This distinction has enabled our company to expand to reach all corners and coasts of the United States with further outreach on the horizon. Of course, the journey with Benchly has proved to be a formidable one that has allowed me the opportunity to be immersed in both the legal and business worlds that I once dreamed of in Mosher Hall at Texas A&M.

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