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Diya Dasgupta, Senior Legal Engineer

Diya Dasgupta, Senior Legal Engineer (Legal Tech) – DocuSign and Emerging Technologies

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM): Demonstrated expertise in end-to-end implementation of contract lifecycle management systems, including DocuSign CLM and E-signature solutions. Proven ability to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risks through effective CLM strategies.

Project Management: Skilled in project management methodologies, with a track record of successfully overseeing complex projects from inception to completion. Proficient in coordinating cross-functional teams, managing project timelines, and delivering high-quality results within specified deadlines.
Legal Technology Expertise: Extensive experience as a DocuSign CLM and E-signature Consultant, with 5 years of hands-on experience on the DocuSign platform. Additionally, possess 2 years of practical experience with Agiloft, Conga, and NetDocument, enabling seamless integration and optimization of legal technology solutions.

Document Automation and Workflow Development: Adept at leveraging technology to automate document processes, streamline workflows, and enhance operational efficiency. Specialized in legacy contracts migration, template automation, and developing bespoke workflows tailored to organizational needs.

Salesforce Integration: Proficient in integrating contract management systems with Salesforce CRM, facilitating seamless data exchange and enhancing collaboration between legal and sales teams. Skilled in configuring Salesforce workflows and customizing solutions to align with business objectives.

Procurement Contract and Incident Management: Experienced in managing procurement contracts and incident management processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational policies. Capable of identifying and mitigating risks, resolving issues promptly, and maintaining contract integrity throughout the lifecycle.

Successfully led the implementation of DocuSign CLM across multiple departments, resulting in a 30% reduction in contract processing time and a 20% increase in contract accuracy.
Spearheaded the migration of legacy contracts to a centralized CLM system, resulting in improved accessibility, visibility, and control over contract data.
Developed and implemented customized workflows for contract approval and review processes, resulting in streamlined operations and improved stakeholder satisfaction.

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