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Christine-D.-S., Legal Technologist

Christine D. Stansall, Project Manager | Legal Technologist | Certified E-Discovery Specialist | Relativity Project Management Specialist


I chose eDiscovery as my career because I respect justice, enjoy solving puzzles, and am commited to helping others. I worked as a paralegal and an administrator in firms of all sizes, and gained extensive experience in different fields of law, legal operations and business processes. I embrace technology to optimize communication, streamline workflows, prioritize tasks, and manage cases. I revel in using tech to organize large, complex cases into more feasible, workable parts. I relish that I can work with case teams, service providers, and clients in-person and remotely across different time zones and locations. I believe that all forms of communication are key in keeping everyone continuously updated, especially in remote environments.

That tech know-how and legal training led me to legal project management, eDiscovery, and litigation support. I use project management methods to make standardized eDiscovery processes repeatable and documented for defensibility, proportional for each matter, estimate budgets, and manage deadlines. I work with the legal teams at each stage of the EDRM and throughout a matter's entire litigation lifecycle. Depending on case needs, I use tools such as Relativity, Nuix, Disco, Everchron, Opus 2, Trial Director, TrialPad, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, or PowerPoint.

I am dedicated to advancing my career to lead teams in litigation support and legal project management. I aim for my education, formal training, and industry-recognized certifications to complement my work experience. I believe in metrics-focused processes and data-based decisions. While I still aim to collaborate in-person, I appreciate that tech allows me to join forces with others in other locations. I have presented at numerous conferences and CLE sessions on litigation support, trial technology, and legal project management. Although I have earned several degrees, certifications, and advanced credentials, I continue to focus on learning about eDiscovery and legal operations because technology is always evolving. I believe in lifelong learning and always look for opportunities to build and strengthen my technical and soft skill sets. I am currently pursuing additional technology certifications and other credentials in business leadership, project management and legal operations.

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