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Brooks Hall, Legal & Compliance Operations

Brooks Hall, Legal & Compliance Operations, Legal Operations Manager, Systems and Technology

-Provide general support for the Legal & Compliance operations function to define and drive strategic and operational initiatives
-Assist the implementation and administration of legal department tools to streamline new or existing practices, as well as help manage design, rollout, and training for new systems (contract lifecycle management, e-billing etc.)
-Assist with contract management administration, including contract tracking and assisting with review, preparation, and maintenance of standard contracts
-Assist with the company's entity management by tracking and maintaining all state registrations including annual reports, and renewals and regularly communicate with state agencies
-Help identify measurable outcomes for Legal & Compliance practices areas, including reporting on key metrics to better inform decision-making and use of resources
-Implement and manage self-service tools and creation of a legal ticketing system
-Help define and document department processes, policies and procedures
-Project management and collaboration with cross-functional teams
-Main point of contact for Legal vendor & invoice management, including invoice process, audits, adherence to billing guidelines and accruals

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